Clean energy from ground, sun and air.


Geo Concept Ltd.

Our company, Geo Concept Ltd. provides complete services for designing, implementing, monitoring and maintenance of geothermal heat pump systems. With several years of professional experience, using state-of- the-art tools and materials, we are able to optimize the payback time of the newly-built geothermal heat pump system. We guarantee the efficiency for 25 year for the systems that are designed and implemented by us. Our designing and implementing services cover the whole geothermal system, even the heat-pump (heating control room), so our clients profit to contract one supplier until the heating/cooling connections.


Office Staff

Zoltán KorompayCEO

I am the founder and the managing director of Geo Concept Ltd. I have gained many years of professional experience in the field of planning and implementing of cooling and heat pump systems. Geo Concept Ltd. performed several successful projects with high quality engineering and construction activities through the years. It was established based on the acquired experience and the increased demands. The company’s success is based on the knowledge and work attitude of my colleagues.

Beáta KárpátiFinancial assistant

I have been the member of Geo Concept team since 2014. I am responsibe for the company’s finance and daily administration, as well as the office work related to our projects. I also manage the general administration tasks and invoicing.

Márton GallaiTechnical Director

I graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology, majoring in energy engineering. Since 2014, I have had the opportunity to accompany several geothermal projects at Geo Concept Ltd. My main task is to help the projects in preparation, give offers, and manage the projects during the implementation.

András SzirákiProject engineer

I am a final-year student at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, faculty of building engineering. I am working at Geo Concept Kft. as a project engineer, my main task is designing heat pump systems.

Patrik BodnárProject Engineer

I am an energy engineering student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I first joined the company in the summer of 2020 for an internship program. My main task is to support the work of the project engineers in the preparation and execution of each project.

Anna Horváth-HornungProject engineer

I graduated as an energy engineer at Budapest University of Technology. I joined the company in 2021, and since then, I have been responsible for the quoting procedures.

Krisztina MihályMarketing associate

I am primariliy responsible for managing the marketing activities of the company, which consists of ensuring the constant presence on our online sites, but organizing events and team buildings are also my job to do. Besides that, I operate as an office manager, I have tasks realeted to building maintenance, and I also take care of everything related to the company cars.

Orsolya Faragó-NémethFinancial assistant

I joined the Geo Concept team in 2020, and since then I have been primarily responsible for the company’s finances and day-to-day administration, furthermore billing and general administration is also part of my duties.

On-site Staff

Ferenc RónaszékyProject leader

I have been a project manager at Geo Concept Kft since the company was established. I have a five-year experience in the field of heat pump installation. I manage the construction activites as well as the service work at the company.

Attila KrupaProject leader

I have been the member of the Geo Concept’s team since 2014. I am responsible for the construction activites and the service works. I have been leading several project since being here.

MÁRTON FÜLÖPProject Leader

ANDRÁS TAGSCHERERLogistics Coordinator







Drilling Professionals

József Héjja

Péter Naményi

Péter Sárközi

Martin Naményi

Zsolt Hajnal

Stefan Karancevic


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6 steps of implementing a geothermal system

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1. GEOTHERMAL RESPONSE TEST When someone contacts us with the implementation of a ground source heat pump system, first, based on the given heat demand and the location of the building, we give a quotation. But in order to give an accurate quote, we need to take another step, which is also the first pillar of the […]

Implementing geothermal soil probe system at MOL campus

News / 14.08.2020

Construction of a geothermal system at the MOL Campus construction site. The geothermal system consisting of 310 soil probes was implemented by Geo Concept Kft. Click on the title to watch our summary short film about the project.  

Mátraverebély Szentkút National Shrine- Implementing geothermal soil probe system

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The National Shrine is divided into five regional units and located in an area surrounded by forests.  The Szentkúti Nagyboldogasszony-templom can be found here as well as the Ferences Rendház and Szent-László well which the legends ascribe to healing power. It functions as a place of pilgrimage from 1200-ies and the most visited holy place […]