Air-to-water heat pumps


General description of air-to-water heat pumps

The air-to water heat pump is a special variant of geothermal heat pumps.The source of the heat likewise the sun that is shining all of the year, it also stores these amount of thermal mass.In the winter season, the heat of the earth’s crust is also transferred into the air that’s whay the humanity can exist without exterior warming.This warmth is used by air-to-water heat pumps.

It has the advantage that it has no need heat transfering system like soil probe, water well or any other heat source. In this case the heat source is the air itself. This is the technology with its rapid development and efficient operation that spread the fastest way in Europe among the renewable energy sources.


Air-to-Water heat pump with monoblock

The Air-to-Water heat pump could be a monoblock system where the whole sytem is placed in an equipment. It is such a unit which pass the heat recovered from the outdoor air directly into the recirculating water. This equipment is available between the performance 5 kW and 1000 kW so it can be connected to industrial applications as well. The most important issue to be solved is the danger of frost in the case of Air-to-Water heat pumps with monoblock. If clean water is being circulated in the system, special attention should be paid to avoid the danger of frost, because the freeze can damage the entire heat transfer system of the equipment.

Split type air-to-water heat pump

The system has been specifically developed for residential and commercial applications. The essence of the system , that the water loop and the equipments belonging to it were transferred into the indoor unit installed the room, thus the danger of frost has disappeared completely. Most of manufacturers install the operating system with inverter compressor, thus the equipment’s operation perfectly adopt to the outdoor temperature and the inner claims. These systems provides outstanding efficiency to their cooling-heating tasks. The operation is completely automatic and the installed electric heater provides a backup (safety) heating in case of any error.

Domestic hot water tank (HMW)

The domestic hot water maker equipment with air-to-water heat pump is a good complement to air-to-water heat pump systems which can also store the prepared hot water.The advantages of the system is that it really effectively produces domestic water from the air inside the room with min.3,7 annual efficiency ( COP)