We have installed and repaired several heat pump systems during the years. We know how to do it. If your heat pump system does not work properly or do not work at all or you are not completely satisfied with the sensation of temperature, please contact us. Our company’s professional team has decades of experience in the field of cooling, heating and heat pump system. We undertake the maintenance, review, repair of all types of heat pump systems from domestic heat pumps to the industrial equipments.

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Attila KrupaProject leader


Service fees

The above fees apply for a one-time checking. If the local conditions require another checking, we will invoice for it. The above fees are valid for a work in time. Beyond working hours 60 %, on weekend 100 % extra charge is billed for our work. The above fees contains the travelling costs regarding Budapest or its 15-km zone. We invoice km charge outside this zone. Despite the fact that the repair is not achievable, we invoice the fees of travelling and hours. The given fees do not contain the VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.